Outer Space


Our mission is to grow in tandem with the best P2E games in the Metaverse.  We are dedicated to bringing deep player liquidity to our partners.  As a game Developer you'll benefit tremendously from an early player base to drive momentum, as players go where the players are. 


If you are developing a play-to-earn game and would be interested in a possible collaboration, we would love to hear from you to tailor a mutually beneficial strategy together. For further information on our DAO structure, we’d recommend following us on Twitter and Discord, to stay tuned. We look forward to the journey ahead as we build the Metaverse together!

Reach out to our business development manager smith@playearn.com

"What matters in crypto games is network effect; network effect, network effect, The games that have really strong community and can build network effect, can succeed."

- Ellio Trades