Play to Earn Gaming Axie Infinity Scholarship

Play || Earn is a launchpad into the Metaverse. At the core we are a battle tested scholarship guild with deep player liquidity. We are creating a DAO to leverage our status as an active community of gamers to maximize value accrual across different games in the Metaverse.

Your Claim in the 
Play || Earn 

Say goodbye to legacy gaming

The gaming industry generates more revenue than both the music, and film industry combined. Legacy gaming developers currently enjoy a 100% take rate; meaning they extract all the value being created. Blockchain gaming is decentralized, allowing the players and participants in the community to acquire the vast majority of value being generated in the ecosystem. This disruption is undeniably the revolution that will likely bring the first billion users into crypto. Simply put, it’s time to get involved in the soon to be trillion-dollar industry.

Play to Earn Gaming Play Earn Axie Infinity Scholarship

Global Access = Infinite Possibility

Watch and learn how blockchain gaming is literally changing lives. 

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Do you want to join the thousands of other scholars that are earning a living by playing games? Are you interested in a achieving a future stake in our community DAO?


The value you create by participating in our community initiatives will be rewarded in the form of NFT’s and $PE tokens.


Do you want to become a valuable contributor to the Play||Earn economy? Do you want to help grow our community and earn a future stake in our DOA?

Playmakers are the heart and soul of our organization. artists, content creators, recruiters, and brand ambassadors. Join our discord today, and let’s build the Metaverse together.


Are you in need of Deep Player Liquidity to bring your ecosystem to life?


Do you want experienced blockchain gamers to test your product on demand?


We want to work with you to build a long-term sustainable relationship and help grow your player base to compete at the highest level in Play||Earn economies.

The Play Earn community provides an on-ramp to the
Metaverse that is truly accessible to anyone. I look
forward to reporting on their progress for many years
to come. -Iron Sung

Collaborating with PlayEarn has been a success. Their
community is active and well connected. Working with
them to bring players and exposure to my project has
been instrumental in developing momentum around
our launch. -Nathan Brock

Around the Block

Play Earn has helped my family stay afloat during economic difficulty.  I'm extremely grateful to be a Scholar, Playmaker, and contributor in this organization

- Jose Roeman

As an early investor in the Play Earn initiative I could not
be more pleased. The vision, dedication, and tenacity
the team possesses cannot be overstated. The team is
positioning itself well to capture the most amount of
value for its community as the blockchain gaming
industry matures. -Randy Childs

Where we're going

The crypto economy is a radical new imagining of the future of gaming.
DAO protocols will create transparency and opportunity, enabling
Anyone in the world to contribute their talents to a global economy. We
Want to support this vision and help Scholars, Playmakers, and Developers

Stake their claim in the metaverse.


Join our vibrant community of Play Makers

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